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835 E Levee

The 835 East Levee building was originally constructed in 1958 as First National Bank. The Bank changed hands several times undergoing renovations until it was acquired by the Cameron County in 2016. Megamorphosis was selected to provide architectural services for interior renovations. Shortly after the interior planning began, several existing exterior marble panels fell off the building onto the sidewalk below.  Following an investigative assessment it was revealed that the existing anchoring system had deteriorated due to water infiltration behind the marble cladding. The marble cladding required removal and re-cladding. The re-cladding and renovation projects were designed and executed simultaneously and on an accelerated schedule due to the County’s requirements to move several departments into this building as soon as possible.

50,402 GSF, renovation

Project Architect: Meg Foster Jorn, AIA & John Pearcy, AIA

Brownsville, Texas

Structural Engineer: Green, Rubiano & Associates

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineer: Ethos Engineering

Photos by Onnis Luque

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