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Camp Perry Dining Hall

As the oldest continuously operating Boy Scout Camp in the State, Camp Perry is in the minds and hearts of generations of campers since 1927.  As the first new structure in the Camp for decades, the Dining Hall would provide a new hub for all Camp activities.  This new kitchen and dining facility was developed on the site of an abandoned swimming pool, where thousands of cubic yards of embankment were relocated to create a new connection to the Arroyo Colorado and waterfront activity center.  The relocated spoils from the embankment were used to create a motorcross track elsewhere on site.  Careful site orientation captures the prevailing breezes to allow the over-deep wrap-around porch to serve as additional program space.  A humble material palette of Mexican brick, corrugated galvalume, wood, and exposed concrete provide a durable, low-maintenance backdrop for campers who would not otherwise have any connection to this unique South Texas haven of native vegetation and wildlife.

10,330 GSF, new construction

Project Architect: John Pearcy, AIA

Rio Hondo, Texas

Civil Engineer: Ambiotec Civil Engineering Group, Inc.

Structural Engineer: Green, Rubiano & Associates

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineer: Ethos Engineering

Photos by Onnis Luque

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