South Texas Ecotourism Center

Experiencing, restoring, and preserving the native landscape is the overarching goal of this low impact, eco-development. Megamorphosis worked with Cameron County and the community of Laguna Vista by hosting workshops to gain community input and involvement in the early stages of the design. The ecotourism center serves as a hub and catalyst for ecotourism for the Rio Grande Valley. The design features a an elegantly restrained visitors' center and allows the landscape and natural features of the site to take center stage. Project goals include increasing biodiversity by using native plantings, creation of responsible and innovative stormwater management strategies, bolstering community engagement and the local economy, use of native landscape materials to reduce maintenance and water costs, space for community gatherings and events, artful design elements to attract and retain visitors and iconic elements such as an overlook structure.

7,500 GSF, 10 acres new construction

Project Architects: John Pearcy, AIA & Jesse Miller AIA

Laguna Vista, Texas

Civil Engineering: Mejia & Rose, Inc.

Landscape Architecture: Design Workshop, Inc

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineering: Ethos Engineering

Structural Engineering: Green, Rubiano & Associates

Technical Systems: Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams, Inc.

Photos by Megamorphosis

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