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Joe Sanchez

Architectural Intern

Joining Megamorphosis in 2023, Joe is a recent graduate from Texas Tech’s College of Architecture and is a Texas Southmost College alumnus. He grew up in Port Isabel, Texas as the youngest of seven children, and is a first-generation college graduate, with plans to eventually obtain his Masters degree in Architecture. Throughout his earlier educational journey, art became Joe’s greatest passion - and after seeing how art could be applied to design, working in architecture became his long-term goal..


During College, Joe focused on hand sketching and design, and how it can be integrated into modern architectural practices. With most current college curriculums only focusing on computer-generated CAD design, Joe desired to find a perfect synergy between traditional and modern practices. After living in Lubbock, Texas for 2 years, Joe has a newfound appreciation for the Rio Grande valley, and works to give back to the community that raised him. Joe is inspired by mid-century modern architectural designs and how they can be integrated into the culture of the Valley, and uses older themes paired with modern designs to bring new buildings to the area. Joe is excited to work on projects that will have a positive and lasting impact on the Rio Grande and surrounding areas, and is always looking forward to involving himself in other areas where he can continue to learn and grow. 


Associate of Science in Architecture

Texas Southmost Collge, 2020

Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Texas Tech, 2023

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