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Quinta Mazatlan Center for Urban Ecology

In conjunction with the City of McAllen and UTRGV, Megamorphosis is currently teamed with a world class group of architects in the planning and design of the Quinta Mazatlan World birding center which will become a premiere destination for birders from around the world. The Architect’s goal is to make this the most bird friendly project possible. In addition to housing a world class birding destination, the facility will also serve as the regions premiere Center for Urban Ecology. This joint effort includes stakeholders from various entities – including community members, the City of McAllen, Quinta Mazatlán, and UTRGV. Not only will the building create habitat for birds and animals with its unique exoskeleton, the entire 15-acre site is also being designed in order to enhance the natural habitat, rather than take away from it. The project is aiming to achieve a LEED platinum rating as well as SITES certification, making it the only such facility in the entire state of TX.

15,431 GSF, new construction

Project Architect: Chris Sias, RA

McAllen, Texas

Design Architect: Overland Partners

Civil Engineer: Perez Consulting Engineers

Landscape Architect: Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Inc.

Structural Engineer: Intelligent Engineering Services

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineer: CNG Engineering, PLLC

Technical Systems: Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams, Inc

Lighting: Studio Lumina, LLC

Water Feature: Waterline Studios

Irrigation: Sweeney & Associates, Inc

Images by Overland Partners

Megamorphosis_Quinta Mazatlan_Aerial Update_FINAL_M (Large)
Megamorphosis_Quinta Mazatlan_West View
Megamorphosis_Quinta Mazatlan_Palm Court
Megamorphosis_Quinta Mazatlan_Entry 1
Megamorphosis_Quinta Mazatlan_Pond View
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